The Roberts Companies LLC



The Woodstock Industrial Site is unique due its size, entitlements, highway access and rail access and is ready immediately to accommodate industrial development. Of the entire site acreage of 1483 +/- acres, approximately 832 +/- acres are contiguous, developable uplands. A Formal Wetland Jurisdictional Determination as been issued by the St. Johns River Water Management District and the conceptual regulatory approvals, by both the St. Johns River Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, have been issued for the Conceptual Master Site Plan. Individual sites within Woodstock can be customized to meet an end-user’s specific needs – with sites ranging from as little as 25 acres up to a site encompassing the entire 1483 +/- acres.

Economic Incentives

In addition to the many unique attributes of the site itself, Woodstock is located in Baker County, Florida which is one of the most affordable and business friendly locations in North Florida. Baker County is also designated as a Rural Area of Opportunity (RAO) and qualifies for a variety of local, regional, and state incentive programs such as the following

In addition to the many economic incentives afforded to the Woodstock site, it is also included in the JAXPORT Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ #64) and meets criteria for end-user’s eligibility of establishing a FTZ site. Woodstock is also a candidate for a FTZ “Magnet Site” for Baker County, Florida; which such designation would expedite the application process and submittal requirements for end-users in establishing a FTZ. Woodstock is located within an Opportunity Zone and would qualify for Opportunity Zone Credits.